Continuously surrounded by art, I write about my experiences and their influences on my artistic practices. I am a starving artist that spends every minute I can being exposed to as many types of art as possible.




Me in 2013


My name is Jessica Garcia.  I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX.  Graduating from the University of Texas in San Antonio,  I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, concentrating on painting in 2008 and a Bachelor’s of Art in Art History in 2010.

Being self-employed since graduation, I have had many different art related jobs: Media and Gallery Specialist, Gallery Assistant, Preparator,  Bartender, Curator, Curator’s Assistant, Volunteer Registrar, Graphic Designer, Administrative Assistant, Gallery Shop Assistant, Art Representative (interest is my artists), Art Consultant (interest is the client’s needs/desires), and of course, Artist.

Some months I work full-time, but the longest I have gone without work is about a month.  Some work is booked two or three months in advance and other times I get a call the day before.  The exchange is experiencing great art, constantly meeting artists, attending art events regularly (usually weekly), handling art, setting my own schedule, travelling and getting time to focus on my own art.  It is extremely rare for me to have a day that doesn’t involve art and I absolutely love this.

So when I am not working for someone else, I have plenty of my own projects to work on.

I established invisible gallery in 2010 as my art representation name to work with intelligent and talented artists selling their work and producing art shows in non-traditional spaces, encouraging contemporary and experimental art.  Currently, I represent four amazing artists at

I work on my art at my studio, visible studio, which is 1000 sf located in a commercial building on the East Side of San Antonio.  My current art projects include layered abstract paintings, sound installations, and large sculptural pieces.  Sometimes I hold exhibitions there, however, it is primarily my private studio space to work in.

In between this I see as much art as possible.  While I appreciate many styles of art, I greatly admire and draw inspiration from experiencing contemporary art.  The concepts and contemplation that it takes to create some of these pieces amaze me.  Contemporary art fascinates me because it challenges preconceived notions in an intellectual way.  I enjoy thinking about an art piece and seeing an idea from a new perspective.  Large installations, light pieces, and sculptures are some of my favorite medias to experience. I try to plan most of my work around traveling to see major exhibitions.

2 responses

  1. David A. Elizondo

    send me more info about your approach as an “independent art representative”

    August 1, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    • Sure, David. I actually have a post describing it but haven’t published it yet because I want to include images from my artists and am in the middle of trying to get the pics out of them. I began selling on facebook. I represent five artists that I know personally and believe in their art. I am currently trying to put together a free website on weebly. Again, waiting on images… I am also in the process of looking for a studio space and gallery, in which I have spoken to all my artists for a group show as the inauguration exhibition and each having their own solo shows. Another post in the making. Hopefully you can see from my blog that I make an effort to be everywhere and soak up everything. I have found that has opened a lot of opportunities, keeping my face out there. It has also led to some opportunities for my artists. I’ll be happy to share my detailed post when I complete it.

      August 3, 2012 at 4:44 pm

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