Continuously surrounded by art, I write about my experiences and their influences on my artistic practices. I am a starving artist that spends every minute I can being exposed to as many types of art as possible.

Artpace – Agosto Cuellar taking over

The other night was a membership party at Artpace.  I am a member of Artpace because I love all of the contemporary ideas they support.  I love their residency program and how it brings art from around the world to San Antonio.  I have also seen some great opportunities taken with their annual travel grant.  Artpace is a place I always expect to see fresh ideas being experimented with. As per usual, there was great music and plenty of drinks flowing on the rooftop.  But the star of the evening was Agosto Cuellar, Designer Extrordinaire.  He has successfully run several businesses and has been designing for years.  Tonight, Agosto created a fun photo shoot for willing participants.  There was no way I could resist!  Here is my finished photo taken by Erik Gustafson:

Photo by Erik Gustafson

But it took a team of people to create these portraits.  It began with Agosto designing you.  He had several interchangeable pieces that he had created.  Each person got a different look, making this a unique experience.  He creates original styles that are fantastic.

Agosto dressing me

Next was off to hair by Angie Riojas.  Adding several layers of hair was another part to put together Agosto’s vision.  It took many different smaller pieces to shape an entire head of hair.  As you can see, it was quite a high wig on me by the time it was complete.  It was so much fun!

Under many layers of hair by Angie Riojas

It was supposed to then be make-up, but since I was next to last, there was no make up left.  The last bit used on the person before me.  So of course Agosto got creative and took over, deciding to use tulle on our faces instead of makeup.  I think I preferred this much more, giving an aire of mystery.  Besides, I prefer to be different from the crowd anyway.  This was such a memorable evening! The best part was discussing Seven Minutes in Heaven 2013.  Yes, there has been talk of the sequel event, since before the first one had even occurred.  I love that there has been such a positive response to the show.  At the Artpace party, I confirmed my first artist for the next show, Vanessa Centeno.  She is a fantastic artist from San Antonio currently going to grad school at the University of New Orleans.  It was luck that I ran into her, she was in town for less than a week. The next day I ran into Agosto in Southtown and got to tell him what a fantastic time he had created.  One thing led to another…and I have now confirmed artist number two for Seven Minutes in Heaven 2013.  I am very excited to have Agosto included in the show.  He always brings his originality and electricity to all of his events.  I am a big proponent of having a show with many different mediums.  To have a fashion element will keep this event fresh and unique.  All new artists, all new location.  This should be just as exciting as the first one!

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