Continuously surrounded by art, I write about my experiences and their influences on my artistic practices. I am a starving artist that spends every minute I can being exposed to as many types of art as possible.

Erotica On My Mind…

This past week was consumed with Seven Minutes in Heaven, particularly, the erotic coloring book.  It has been hectic and stressful, but it is finally coming together in a reasonable amount of time.  I am only waiting for three drawings out of twelve.  The original due date was December, but they didn’t start trickling in until January, putting off printing and assembly much later than I had anticipated.  I am in contact with the two artists….and the third is mine.  It has not been easy managing so many artists and their promises of tomorrow, then tomorrow for sure, then just one more day!  But it is highly amusing to me, as an artist myself, I am unfortunately always one day late myself!  So as a gallerist, I know never to give the ACTUAL final date – otherwise I’d never get anything in on time.  However, I know I am asking a lot of thirteen artists to get together two separate projects for the busiest art month of the year.  Many of the artists are involved in other shows, so I am extremely appreciative for everyone’s support.  There is no way this would be possible without them.  My idea came to fruition with the original support of my co-curator, Linda Arredondo.  We discussed the invitational artist list and more importantly, she came up the brilliant name, Seven Minutes in Heaven.  We are each financially backing the show 50%, which as of now entails the cost of the entire eight room Fox Motel for two nights, the cost of printing the postcards and coloring books, the reception, and the minimal CAM advertising fee.  Hopefully, we can recover this amount with the sale of the coloring books.

I also had my first interview for the show.  A close friend of mine, John Huntington, was approached by Ignite Magazine, a local publication, to submit an article for Contemporary Art Month.  He proposed writing about Seven Minutes and the editor was very excited.  My ideas, what makes this group show different and why I chose to do an erotic art show were all topics of discussion.  It was nice to have this interview with a friend, making it an easy experience where I can get comfortable talking about the show with other people.  You can never underestimate what will be put in print.  I have been told horror stories from other artists about a casual mention of something during the interview and next thing they knew, that was the entire article.  Hopefully, if all goes well, this will be the first of many interviews for Seven Minutes.

Luckily, Jung Mun, an artist in the show, is volunteering graphic design, I did the photography myself, and two friends volunteer to handle the music for the four hour reception.  There are so many aspects to putting on a group show.  There is no way I would be able to handle everything going on without the help of my co-curator, friends, and supporters.  I believe I will now see other exhibitions in an entirely new light!

The last two weeks I have been glued to my laptop or phone!  Everyday is filled with constant contact with the artists or writers.  I am managing 12 other artists and myself for three projects: their art piece, the donated drawing for the coloring book, and now getting a photo & bio for the catalog.  Linda has been pushing to do a catalog.  It is in our best interest as it will give us a publishing credit, be a great documentation of the show and a great experience to publish our own material.  Hopefully that will come in handy when I have a gallery space of my own.  Linda and I have both agreed to write essays on the topic of eroticism.  We have also invited two other writers to contribute, Jason Gil, my husband, and John Huntington.  This particular project I am not sure I can pull off in time for the show.   A main concern for me is getting the images.  There is a performance, a sound installation and a room installation piece.  How do you photograph those before the show?  At that point it turns into a representation of the piece, while acceptable, is that what I want to have show in a catalog?  This may be a project I may not be able to complete by the show, I’ve been working non-stop for a little while now…

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