Continuously surrounded by art, I write about my experiences and their influences on my artistic practices. I am a starving artist that spends every minute I can being exposed to as many types of art as possible.

Working in the Woodshop – Another Job, Another Skill

How it begins…

I have my biggest order of panels to date.  I am making all the panels for Linda Arredondo’s art show at Joan Grona’s in March.  I am so excited for her!  But I get to turn two 4’ x 8’ birch panels into god knows how many panels of all sizes!  The goal is to have them done by the end of January.   Working with nice pieces of wood like birch also makes a huge difference.

Originally, I began making my panels with masonite, due to a student budget.  It drove my professor mad.  But so did when I would use cheap paint.  And yet using both of those cheap materials I still created my first break through painting in school that has since been sold.

The finished product

While in school, I began making panels for sale, one semester earning enough to buy myself a ticket to Berlin.  I noticed the quality of the canvas supports sold in stores where the bare minimum of what I expected.  I refused to be overcharged for that.  So now this is one of a million jobs that I take on the side for artists.  I was never particularly handy in the wood shop growing up, so this even surprises me!  This was a skill I learned as an adult and actually enjoy.

I dropped off six panels in several different sizes.  I was told how sexy my panels are!  Best compliment ever!  It was nice to be appreciated.  I use two to three types of sandpaper and begin using a sander, then finish by hand sanding the entire panel.  I know I’m finished when I run my hand over the entire piece of wood and feel softness.  This is most of the first panel.  The largest is 5′ x 4′, the completed smallest are 30″ x 30″.  There are still six 6” x 8” panels that I am not really looking forward to making.  But I haven’t turned down any requests yet.

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